To Mulch or not to Mulch?


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Many people like to rake leaves in the fall – it’s traditional, keeps the lawn looking clean and you can have a lot of fun jumping in piles of leaves. However, some “new traditionalists” in gardening say we should leave leaves well enough alone. (after you mulch them, that is)

The process of cutting the leaves up into smaller pieces helps them biodegrade faster, and can actually prevent weed growth. So don’t rake up your leaves – just let them dry out and then mow over them with the lawn mower or a mulcher if you have access to one. This will leave a fluffy covering that will allow water to drain through it rather than a thick mat that can collect moisture and rot, producing mold that may be harmful to your lawn’s regrowth.

But if you must rake, make sure to compost those leaves properly – they are holding valuable nutrients and can be used to supply your next spring’s garden with a super-infusion of growth helpers.

So, the question remains: to mulch, or not to mulch?